Free DC0-260 Exam Dumps (DC0-260 Questions and Answers)

  • Exam Number: DC0-260
  • Provider: Dell
  • Questions: 63
  • Updated On: 27-Mar-2023

How many LUNs are required for the Write intent Log (WIL)?

A. one per array
B. two per array
C. one per each mirrored LUN
D. two per each mirrored LUN

Answer(s): B
In a Dell / EMC only Storage Area Network (SAN), SAN Copy requires which three of the
following? (Choose three)

A. Access Logix must be running on all participating storage arrays.
B. SnapView or MirrorView must be installed on the storage array running SAN Copy.
C. Either the Source or Destination logical units must reside on an array running SAN copy
D. The Navishere Host Agent does not need to be installed on all hosts that own LUNs to be
SAN copied.
E. Al SAN Copy ports must be zoned correctly, in order for SAN copy to have access to these
storage arrays.

Answer(s): A, C, E
SAN Copy can be configured to

A. have simultaneous sessions between multiple storage systems
B. provide synchronous mirroring between multiple storage systems
C. allows UNIX hosts to copy LUNs to be accessed by Windows hosts
D. create copies of Source LUNs that are only 20% of the original size

Answer(s): A
Which three statements about Navisphere Analyzer are correct? (choose three)

A. Navisphere Analyzer is included within Navisphere Manager
B. Navisphere Analyzer is optional software that can track performance trends on Dell / EMC
storage arrays.
C. Navisphere Analyzer allows you to automatical y record, capture and display performance
data metrics.
D. Navisphere Analyzer can fine tune parameters of storage arrays, Identifying potential
bottlenecks, such as spindle count starvation within a RAID configuration and read/write cache
adjustments to increase performance.

Answer(s): B, C, D